Former drill sergeant from the Haslanti League Fyrd.


Heroic Mortal Archetype: Soldier


Motivation: Broghan is devoted to “The Young Buck” (as he calls Magnus), supporting him as a master sergeant for his troops, dealing with the day to day management of the men so that Magnus can focus on loftier matters.
Broghan is devoted to the regular practice of sword forms.
He has nationalistic pride in the Haslanti League.
He feels a bond with all of his former students, except for those who have betrayed him.
He has a deep-seated hatred for the Fair Folk.


Physical Social Mental
Strength 3 Charisma 2 Perception 2
Dexterity 2 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 2
Stamina 3 Appearance 2 Wits 3


Warrior Priest Savant
Archery 3 Integrity 1 Craft
Martial Arts 2 Performance 1 Craft (Air) 1
Melee 4 Presence 1 Craft (Earth)
Thrown 1 Resistance 2 Craft (Fire) 1
War 3 Survival 2 Craft (Water)
Criminal Broker Craft (Wood)
Athletics 2 Bureaucracy 1 Investigation
Awareness 2 Linguistics 1 Lore 1
Dodge 3 Ride 2 Medicine
Larceny Sail Occult 1
Stealth Socialize 1
Specialties Languages
Athletics: Lifting Heavy Objects 1 Skytongue
Craft (Air): Caligraphy 2 Riverspeak
Craft (Fire): Blacksmithing 2 Forest-Tongue
Melee: Battle Axe 2
Presence: Intimidation 1
Presence: Teaching 1
Ride: Horse 1
War: Small Units 1


Background Description
Contacts 2
Patron 1 Magnus
Resources 2

Body and Soul

Essence & Willpower Virtues
Permanent Essence 1 Compassion 2
Personal Essence Pool n/a Conviction 2
Peripheral Essence Pool n/a Temperance 2
Valor 3
Willpower 5
Health Levels
-0 -1 -2 -4
×1 ×2 ×2 ×1

Combat Values

Dodge DV/MDV Combat 5 Mass Combat 5 Social 3
Basic Parry DV Martial Arts 4 Melee 6
Parry MDV Investigation 0 Performance 3
Join Battle/Debate/War 5
Soak Natural 0L/3B Armored 5L/11B Piercing 2L/7B
Hardness n/a Mobility Penalty -1 Armor Fatigue 2
Melee Weapon Speed Accuracy Damage Defense* Rate Minimums Tags
Punch 5 5 3B 6 3 Str 1 MO, N
Kick 5 4 6B 2 2 Str 1, Dex 2 MO, N
Clinch 6 4 3B N/A 1 Str 1 MO, N
Battle Axe 5 8 10L/2 4 2 Str 2 O
Hatchet (Ex) 4 5 8L 5 2 Str 1 T
Combat Knife 5 6 5L 7 3 Str 1
Lance 6 5 13L/4 N/A 1 Str 3 L, O, RR, P
* Defense must be divided by 2 to get the Parry DV for the weapon.
Ranged Weapon Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Minimums Tags
Crossbow 5 7 7L* 1 125 Str 2 2, B
Hatchet, thrown (Ex) 5 2 8L 2 25 Str 2 T

Merits and Flaws

Merits Flaws
Experienced 2 points Diminished Vision: Missing Left Eye -3 points
Extra Favored Ability: Archery 2 points
Extra Favored Ability: War 2 points
Heirloom (armor) 1 point
Linguistic Genius 1 point
Virtue Specialty (Withstanding Magical Terror, +1) 2 points
Quick-Draw 2 points


Concealed Feathersteel Reinforced Buff Jacket
Target Shield
Battle Axe
Exceptional Hatchet (+1 to thrown accuracy, +1 to melee defense, +10 to range)
Bolts (20)

Warhorse with the following gear
        Basic saddle and tack
        Leather Barding Leather Barding (protects like a Buff Jacket: Soak +3L/4B, Mobility -1, Fatigue 2)


Physical Description

Brogan is a broad man of just average height with wavy graying brown hair that is receding in front which he wears in shoulder length locks in back with braids at his temples. He proudly sports a still thick, salt and pepper beard styled carefully so as not to be wild looking. Beyond even the color of his hair and beard, the grizzled wrinkles in his skin further reflect his age but his most notable feature by far is his milky white left eye in the middle of a thick, dark purple scar that runs from just below his hairline to the middle of his cheek, cutting though his beard and contrasting harshly against his pale, North-born skin.


Brogan was a career soldier in the Haslanti League Fyrd, a front line soldier, until the day a Fair Folk sword slashed his face and took his left eye despite failing to take his life. From then on he trained soldiers to fight instead of actively serving as a soldier himself.


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