The Mask of Winters

Deathlord and Lord of Thorns by conquest


The Mask of Winters is the new master of Thorns, having captured the former Realm satrapy in RY 764. His is often the first “name” to come to mind when those in Creation speak of Deathlords. His face is concealed behind a mask of enchanted ice, grinning maniacally or with a furious countenance, and the tattered funerary robes he wears are hemmed with silver letters that sicken mortals and slay animals that look upon them. He is the youngest of the Deathlords and is a massive figure, made all the more imposing by his soulsteel plate armor, Grieving Shelter, which screeches as a wailing child in the rare event he is struck. His Grand Daiklave, Frigid Razor, is forged of pitch-black soulsteel and perpetually covered in frost.

His attack on Thorns made Creation aware of the threat of the Deathlords. Few haven’t heard about the attack where he rode in on the back of the dying Behemoth Juggernaut, sweeping though the defenses to take his place as the “benevolent ruler” of a new empire and raising up a massive shadowland around the city in a matter of days instead of the centuries normally required for one of its size.

The Mask of Winters

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