Whisper in the Dark

Former dynast daughter/assassin/spy



Motivation: Miasha wishes to drive the Deathlords and their minions from Creation.


Physical Social Mental
Strength 2 Charisma 2 Perception 4
Dexterity 4 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 3
Stamina 3 Appearance 2 Wits 4


Dawn Zenith Twilight
Archery Integrity 1 Craft
Martial Arts 4 Performance 1 Craft (Air)
Melee 2 Presence Craft (Earth)
Thrown 3 Resistance 1 Craft (Fire)
War Survival Craft (Water)
Night Eclipse Craft (Wood)
Athletics 4 Bureaucracy Investigation 1
Awareness 5 Linguistics 2 Lore 1
Dodge 4 Ride Medicine
Larceny 1 Sail Occult 1
Stealth 4 Socialize 1
Specialties Languages
Larceny: Disguise 2 Low Realm
Melee: Knives 1 High Realm
Socialize: Lying 1 Rivertongue


Background Description
Artifact 2 Hearthstone Bracers
Manse 3 Obfuscated Academy of the Nocturnal Zephyr (produces a Gem of Night Vision)
Resources 2

Body and Soul

Essence & Willpower Virtues
Permanent Essence 3 Compassion 2
Personal Essence Pool 14 Conviction 3
Peripheral Essence Pool 31 (35) Temperance 2
4 committed to her bracers Valor 2
Willpower 5 Virtue Flaw: Heart of Flint
Health Levels
-0 -1 -2 -4
×1 ×2 ×2 ×1

Combat Values

Dodge DV/MDV Combat 4 Mass Combat 4 Social 2
Basic Parry DV Martial Arts 4 Melee 3
Parry MDV Investigation 2 Performance 2
Join Battle/Debate/War 9
Soak Natural 1L/3B
Hardness n/a
Ranged Weapon Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Minimums Tags
Melee Weapon Speed Accuracy Damage Defense* Rate Minimums Tags
Punch 5 +1 +0B +2 3 Str 1 MO, N
Kick 5 +0 +3B 2 -2 Str 1, Dex 2 MO, N
Clinch 6 +0 +0B N/A 1 Str 1 MO, N
* Defense must be divided by 2 to get the Parry DV for the weapon.

Merits and Flaws

Merits Flaws
Ambidexterity 1 point Dark Secret† -1 point
Legendary Attribute: Dexterity 4 points Distinctive Features†† -1 point
Legendary Attribute: Wits 4 points Mute (whisper only) -1 point
Past Lives 2 points Obligation‡ -3 points
Terrestrial Bloodline 1 point Wanted ×2‡‡ -6 points (total)
Ward -3 points
† Miasha’s dark secret is her identity (“Ledaal Miasha”) and if it comes out her Wanted traits get worse.
†† Miasha has a distinctive scar across her neck from an attempt on her life.
‡ Miasha’s obligation is to the sea captain who transported her off the Blessed Isle
‡‡ Miasha is wanted by both by House Ledaal and her intended. The former because the marriage was going to cement a political alliance and the latter is due to his feeling personally afronted.

Powers (Charms, Sorcery, Thaumaturgy)

Athletics Graceful Crane Stance, Monkey Leap Technique
Dodge Shadow Over Water
Linguistics Sagacious Reading of Intent
Melee Call the Blade One Weapon, Two Blows
Stealth Easily Overlooked Presence Method
Martial Arts Charms
Night Breeze Style Crosswind Offense, Shepherd the Leaf, Leaf on the Breeze Rhythm, Night Breeze Form
Dancing Dagger of Darkness Cost: 1wp or more, variable number of motes
Component Charms: Crosswind Offense, Shepherd the Leaf, Leaf on the Breeze Rhythm, Shadow Over Water, One Weapon, Two Blows



Whisper in the Dark

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