Captain Ylva Vengerd

Captain Ylva Vengerd is an officer in the Haslanti League's Fyrd who was Magnus' CO and to whom he owes an obligation.


Magnus met Captain Vengerd in the winter of RY 766. Most of his scale was routing in the face of a horde of barbarians, the command structure of his Talon was shattered and he personally rallied the members of the Fang he lead and a handful of others to a defensive position. Despite this they were loosing when Ylva brought her Talon in and routed the barbarians.

After having (peripherally) saved his life, Ylva sponsored him as officer material and he was put in command of a Scale of horsemen, combined lancers and crossbowmen, under her command. It is due to this that Magnus owes her an obligation.

Captain Ylva Vengerd

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