Jifeng: "The Auspicious Wind"

Samuru's Ship


This ship’s stats are based on the Large Yacht from p. 147 of The Five Scrolls of Esoteric Wisdom, Volume 2: Scroll of Kings (The image above is from here

A deep keel balances one or two masts with extensive sails, while a sleek hull permits considerable speed. This large, fast ship could serve as a pleasure craft for the very rich, but has been converted to a blue-water transport for valuable cargo or passengers.

Speed: 15/30 mph
Maneuverability: -3S
Endurance: Winds and currents
Crew: 4/2
Cargo: While the Jifeng has been converted primarily to a cargo ship it still retains a single comfortable cabin for two passengers and two modest cabins that are used by the captain and first mate. Beyond that there is modest accommodations for the crew and a galley as well.
Armor: 6L/12B
Health Levels: Ux10/Mx5/Cx4/I/D
Weapons: one light ballista and one sailcutter (see below)
Measurements: 24 yards long bow to stern, 6 yard beam, 4 yard height from sea to deck and 4 yard draft

Weapon Speed Acc. Damage Rate Range Max. ST Cost* Tags Source
Light Ballista 6 -0 7L 1 300 - 3/2 (10) 2, A, P Scroll of Kings p. 138
Sailcutter 6 -2 6L 1 80 4/2 (1) 2, A Scroll of Kings p. 139
Note: The cost after the slash is the cost of ammunition and the number in parenthesis is how many shots the cost purchases.

Samuru won the Jifeng in a game of chance and so owns it independent of his family.

Jifeng: "The Auspicious Wind"

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