Obfuscated Academy of the Nocturnal Zephyr

Miasha's manse, built by her First Age incarnation. (Fire Aspected Manse 3)


Manse Level: Three
Manse Aspect: Fire
Hearthstone: Gem of Night Vision (Level 1)

Manse Build Breakdown

Base Creation Points: 6 [(level) × 2]
Additional Points: Lesser Hearthstone [+2]
Total Creation Points: 8 points
Powers: 8 points (see below)

Power Description
Greater Veil of Shadows The manse is hidden from normal senses. (p. 76 of Oadenol’s Codex) [4pts]
Hidden Passages Hidden panels, concealed walkways, etc. (p. 70 of Oadenol’s Codex) [2pts]
Magical Conveniences see below (p. 67 of Oadenol’s Codex) [1pt]
Minor Tricks & Traps see below (p. 67 of Oadenol’s Codex) [1pt]
Attunement Recognition Upon sensing them, the manse can tell who’s attuned and who bears its hearthstone. (p. 66 of Oadenol’s Codex)
Basic Senses Awareness of beings within its confines or touching its exterior. (p. 66 of Oadenol’s Codex)
Cosmetic Displays see below (p. 66 of Oadenol’s Codex)

Manse Details


The Obfuscated Academy of the Nocturnal Zephyr is located in a large, old growth woodland of fire oaks and a smattering of other, predominantly deciduous trees and scrubs, which is located about two day’s hard run on foot from Nexus that covers an area over a hundred acres in size. In the center of the grove is a small, spring fed pond that remains unfrozen while at the same time pleasantly cool year round as a combined effect of the fire aspected demesne it is located in and the temperature of the spring water.

The pond has a self-sustaining population of koi who cull their own population to keep the breed strong and pure; the adult fish tend to be about a foot long and the population is evenly split among golden and silvery fish that intermingle but do not interbreed between colors. In addition to the koi there are the expected insects, frogs and the like as well as the expected small animals and birds native to the woods. The pond’s shallows are about a foot deep and at its greatest depth it is over a yard to the bottom from the surface of the water. The manse’s entrances and exits are scattered around the pond, making it a central feature of the demesne despite the hidden nature of its construction.

Entrances and Exits

The main entrance is a secret door in the side of one of the fire oaks. The door is extremely well concealed – noticing it when it is unopened requires a (Perception + [Awareness or Investigation]) roll, difficulty 3. When facing the trunk of the tree where the door is located a character must have his back to the pond. Behind this door is a spiral stair composed of steps that are equilateral triangles that protrude from a central core. Upon entering the door the stairs lead downwards only. In order to enter the manse a character must go down exactly ten steps then turn around and climb back up twenty steps – they do not pass the entrance when doing this. A character who goes down less then ten steps and turns around finds themselves back at the door by climbing the same number of steps while a character tho turns around after stepping on any step after the tenth reaches the door after climbing fifteen steps (no matter how far beyond the tenth step they originally went). Exiting the manse though the main entrance requires going down twenty steps and turning then climbing ten steps to the top of the stair where the door in the side of the tree can be opened.

There is a secret entrance concealed at the bottom of the pond. After swimming down to the correct location the character will find a door with a black jade knob. After twisting the knob appropriately, the character can pull it “open” exposing the bottom of the pond on that side of the door also. He then has to flip it over on its hinges so that it begins to press him between it and the bottom of the pond at which point he finds himself standing at the end of a hallway, dry and holding a black jade knob affixed the wall in front of him with no option but to head down a short hall into the manse itself.

There are hidden passages though out the manse, connecting all of the rooms to each other with secret, secondary concealed walkways. Among them is a passage that leads to a hidden tunnel that leas upwards, narrowing to the point where any but the smallest characters must crawl (but they can do so with ease unless they are extremely large in which case they are at risk of getting suck). After passing though what seems like a gauze curtain they can pull themselves out from among the roots of a tree some distance from the one containing the main entrance. From outside this exit looks like an animal burrow, since there is no way back into the manse from there it may as well just be that.


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Magical Conveniences: “Danger Room”, “indoor plumbing with self cleaning abilities”, “Kitchen that prepares food”

Fire Manse Qualities: Red, orange or yellow stone or terracotta, angular linear or recurving forms, pointed arches and domes, forged metal, glass, many fireplaces, candles or torches, multiple floors, sweeping stairways, weapons.

Fire Demesne Qualities: passion, heat, light, agility, animation, pain, danger, renewal, change, specialization, consumption, orange, quickness, immediate force, awe, conflict, sun, desert, volcano, phoenix, reptiles, lions, sacrifice, purification, instinct, great cats, desert snakes, Dawn Caste, Maiden of Journeys, acute angles, triangles, violence, ruby, red jade, steel

  • The Obfuscated Academy of the Nocturnal Zephyr was designed by Whisper in the Dark’s First Age incarnation as a combination abode and training location.

Obfuscated Academy of the Nocturnal Zephyr

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