Crashing Waves, Retreating Tide

Component Charms: Graceful Crane Stance, Salty Dog Method, First Archery Excellency, Second Archery Excellency, Third Dodge Excellency

Cost: 1wp, variable motes

System: During any tick that this Combo is active Samuru can buy dice or successes for Archery (at 1m or 2m respectively) and reroll any Dodge roll he wishes (at 4m). He can also activate Graceful Crane Stance and/or Salty Dog Method for 3m (each charm, so if both are activated simultaneously it costs 6m). Any tick that Samuru wishes to activate one of the component Charms he can choose to activate the combo instead (spending the WP and the motes for the Charm) so as to enjoy the benefit of being able to use any of the component Charms.

Description: ???

Crashing Waves, Retreating Tide

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