History of Creation

The world known as Creation began before recorded history, created by the Primordials. The gods were part of this creation and were set the task of ruling the world while their creators played the Games of Divinity of Divinity. Oath-sworn to never move against the Primordials directly, the greatest of the gods (The Unconquered Sun, Luna, and the Five Maidens) with the assistance of two Primordial allies (Gaia and Autochthon) and Gaia’s offspring, the five Elemental Dragons, selected human champions and granted them the power to opposed the Primordials on their behalf – these were the first Exalted (Solar, Lunar, Sidereal and Terrestrial).

Creation was shook to its foundations during the Primordial War and many things were lost forever. The Exalted were triumphant, having killed some of the Primordials (who became the NeverBorn) and imprisoning those who surrendered within the body of their king (who became the Yozi). Having delivered Heaven to the gods, the Exalted were granted rulership of Creation, starting the High First Age and recorded history.

The greatest of the Exalted, the Solars, are the Chosen of the Unconquered Sun. For more than two millennia they ruled Creation with justice and forethought, but the dying curse of the Neverborn eroded at this, slowly driving them toward depravity and excess, sometimes even enough to alienate their divinely bonded companions – Lunar Exalted, the Chosen of Luna – as well as their advisors and troops – the Sidereal, chosen of the Five Maidens, and Terrestrial Exalted, the chosen of the Elemental Dragons who are also known as Dragon-Blooded. In time, these advisors and soldiers conspired to overthrow them and, in the Solars’ hour of need, their Lunar mates abandoned them. Caught by surprise with this betrayal most of the Solars were slaughtered. Normally when a Celestial Exalted (Solars, Lunars and Sidereals) dies, his Essence finds another mortal of promise and Exalts her in a form of reincarnation. The Sidereals broke this cycle, trapping most of the Solar Essences in a great prison sunk beneath the Inland Sea. Ending the High First Age.

For over a thousand years Creation was ruled by the loose confederacy of Dragon-Blooded daimyos Shogunate who, except for the rare times they were united under a Shogun. The Shogunate ended with the Great Contagion and a Fair Folk invasion. The final moments of it were when a group of Dragon-Blooded soldiers entered the Imperial Manse, only one survived and she – known only as the Scarlet Empress – founded the nation known as the Realm. This is the beginning of the Second Age.

With the secret guidance of the Sidereal Exalted and the leadership of the Scarlet Empress, the Realm tried to be a bastion of stability for the world. The Immaculate Order was founded as the state religion of the Realm teaching the “truth” about the Solar and Lunar Exalted, calling them Anathema and blaming them for all the woes from the end of the First Age and attributing all the benefits on the Elemental Dragons, recast as the Immaculate Dragons. Additionally, to address the Solar and Lunar Exalted that escaped the usurpation the Wyld Hunt was founded.

But now, Creation is becoming less stable. The city Thorns has fallen to a Deathlord (the Mask of Winters), the Solars are returning to the world along with their dark mirrors, Abyssal Exalted, and the Scarlet Empress has vanished.

This is the world of Exalted. This is Creation Et All.

History of Creation

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