Languages are tied to the Linguistics Ability, most languages require a dot of linguistics or a point in the Linguistic Genius merit to learn them (assume this is the case unless specifically stated otherwise). Literacy in any language requires at least one dot of the Lore Ability.

Dialects of languages are handled as Specialties (you get one free dialect per language known naturally).

High Realm

High Realm is the language of the Realm, but is used mainly for only formal occasions as well as business and legal documents. It is highly regulated and based on a limited alphabet of only 90 syllabic letters, as a result it is very difficult to create new vocabulary for it and it is restricted to about 500,000 words. These words make up the official vocabulary of the court of the Scarlet Empress; new words are actually not permitted to be added to the language.

Because there are only 90 syllables in High Realm it is difficult to use for naming purposes; only Dynastic families regularly uses High Realm to name their children, and even among the Dynasty the use of only High Realm syllables to name someone is considered old-fashioned.

A web tool exists for translating text into High Realm script – which can be found here. The page is based on information about High Realm script from the appendix of the First Edition Exalted Player’s Guide.

Low Realm

Low Realm is far more common than High Realm and is used at all social levels. It is most prominently spoken on the Blessed Isle but is also used in other parts of Creation, especially where the influence of the Realm is strong.

Low Realm uses the same basic 90 syllabic letters that High Realm uses, but its vocabulary is unregulated, allowing new words to be created and words from other languages to be incorporated. Unfortunately this can lead to confusion as authors can only use the basic 90 syllables to write words from other languages. As a result different authors sometimes use different spellings for the same word. However, as a spoken language Low Realm is much easier to learn and to communicate in.

Information about Low Realm script can be found in the appendix of the First Edition Exalted Player’s Guide.

Old Realm

Old Realm is the father language of modern High Realm, and was the first language taught to the gods, Humans of Creation and many other beings. It is a fantastically complicated language using a pictographic alphabet of thousands of characters, each representing a different word or combination of syllables, and a vocabulary many times larger than High Realm.

Old Realm can be used to communicate ideas and thoughts that are completely beyond the scope of High Realm’s limited vocabulary, making it the preferred language of gods and spirits even today. Raksha as well are more likely to speak Old Realm than any other language.

The appendix of Dreams of the First Age, Book 1: Lands of Creation has information and images of Old Realm text.

Elemental Languages of the Threshold


Flametongue is a family of languages spoken in the Threshold regions of the South.


Forest-Tongue is a family of languages spoken in the Threshold regions of the East.


Seatongue is a family of languages spoken in the Threshold regions of the West.


Skytongue is a family of languages spoken in the Threshold regions of the North.


Riverspeak began as a creole of the other elemental languages and has become the language of the Scavenger Lands as well as being the common parlance of the Guild which has spread it throughout Creation, used as a common language by most merchants and traders.

Other Languages Found in Creation and its Auxiliary Worlds

Guild Cant

Guild Cant is a secret language spoken only by members of the Guild. Characters wishing to know this language must have Backing (Guild) at 2 or higher.

Barbarian Tribal Tongues

Each barbarian tribe in Creation has its own language (although they often speak the directional language of the lands they operate in). Each dot of Linguistics contributes four points into a pool from which these languages can be purchased.


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