Panoply (pronounced pan-uh-plee) is a noun that, among other things, refers to a full ceremonial attire or paraphernalia. In the Exalted rules it is used as a synonym for equipment.


The core rules has weapons in it. However, there was a fan driven project to re-balance them which was published to the web as The Armorium which I have decided to use in my game. All of the weapon stats in this campaign will be based upon them. List of them can be found here.


Armor lists can be found here. Along with it, it describes shields and helmets.

Superior Equipment

Any regular equipment can be of superior quality. They cost more (and so have a resource increase) and are not common. Characters cannot start with more superior quality equipment at the start of the game than their number of dots of resources.

Degree of Quality Resource Increase Qualities
Fine +1 Weapons: +1 to Accuracy, Damage or Defense, +50 yards to bow ranges, +10 to thrown weapon ranges or -1 to a trait minimum
Armor: +1L/1B to soak
Other: +1 die to a single Ability roll when used in the context of a single defined specialty
Exceptional +1 Weapons: any three of +1 to Accuracy, Damage, Defense or Rate, +50 yards to bow ranges, +10 to thrown weapon ranges or -1 to a trait minimum
Armor: any two of +1L/1B to soak, +1 to mobility or -1 to fatigue
Other: +1 die to a single Ability pool
Perfect +2 Weapons: three bonuses like for Exceptional, but one is doubled (this cannot be the weapon’s Rate)
Armor: Mobility Penalty and Fatigue are both reduced by one and a single modifier from the same list as Exceptional armor
Tools: +2 die to a single Ability pool

Artifacts and Lesser Wonders

Items of power come in all shapes and sizes. Some can be created by mortal thaumaturges but most require the power of the Exalted or gods to create. Follow this link for a list of artifacts. There are some semi-standard artifact powers that can be found in a number of different artifacts.


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