Only tribes that have not yet learned the use of metal use the sword-club. It consists of a truncheon with shards of flint or obsidian set into the opposite edges. The shards are very sharp, but brittle, and so require frequent replacement. The sword-club has the slight advantage in that a user can inflict bashing damage without using the “Pulling Blows” rule (see Exalted, p. 158).

Real-world examples of this weapon are macanas and maquahuitls used by Mesoamerican tribes including the Aztecs.

Sword-Club Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimums Cost Tags
attacking with the edge as a sword 5 +0 +4L/2 +0 2 Str 2 Res 2 O
attacking with the flat as a club 5 +0 +4B +0 2 Str 2

This weapon was converted by me from the RAW version in the Scroll of Kings to be compliant with the Armorium.


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