Learning Thaumaturgy

Thaumaturgy, or mortal magic, is divided into a number of Arts each of which is divided into degrees and procedures. Each thaumaturgical effect is a procedure and a degree is a collection of procedures that are known by anyone who has mastered a given degree. The costs for learning these are listed below:

Prerequisite Cost* Training Time*
Apprentice Procedure Occult 1 1xp (or 3/bp) 1 week
Initiate Procedure Occult 1 1xp (or 3/bp) 1 week
Initiate Degree (+1) Occult 1 10xp (or 5bp) one month
Adept Procedure Occult 2 1xp (or 3/bp) 2 weeks
Adept Degree (+2) Occult 3 10xp (or 5bp) two months
Master Procedure Occult 3 1xp (or 3/bp) 1 week
Master Degree (+3) Occult 5 10xp (or 5bp) three months

*     Characters who favor Occult treat the training time for degrees as weeks instead of months and the training time for procedures as days instead of weeks. They also get a -2xp (or -1bp) discount on all degrees.
      Additionally, anyone with dots in Occult at character generation who has the Ability as a Caste or Favored Ability gets one free procedure for every dot of Occult they have taken.

Using Thaumaturgy

Unless the thaumaturge has an awakened essence then exotic occult ingredients are required and are consumed by the process as well as requiring a laboratory, workshop or sanctum full of reusable tools. These ingredients and workshops have the following costs:

Procedure Level Reagent Cost Workshop Cost Reagent Cost Adjustments Modifier
Apprentice Res 0 Res 1 Metropolis with easy access -1
Initiate Res 0 to 1 Res 2 From other side of Creation +1
Adept Res 2 to 3 Res 3 Superior Ingredients (+1 to 2 dice) +1
Master Res 4 to 5 Res 4 Unique Ingredients (+2 to 3 dice) +1 or +2

Each of these costs (reusable or not) may be paid by spending motes of essence by a thaumaturge with an awakened essence. The Solar Craft Charm Craftsman Needs No Tools can be used to replace any of the costs above (although it is not truly worth it for any but a Master-level procedure).

In addition to the resource (or mote) costs. The thaumaturge must spend a Willpower point after succeeding at the roll described below in order to activate the effect.

Each procedure is written in the format displayed below which includes the Attribute rolled with Occult, the difficulty for the roll and the time required to create the effect. They are organized on the tables for their art in groupings of the degree level they are considered to be a part of.

Name Attribute Difficulty Casting Time Basic Effect (with source)

When casting rituals, the thaumaturge must spend the casting time working uninterrupted by anything but sleep. A roll is then required against their (Attribute + Occult + Degree bonus) against the listed difficulty. Success means the effect takes place, failure wastes the components and effort while a both imposes some mishap related to the intended effect.

Thaumaturgic Arts

Art Brief Description (as needed)
Art of Alchemy
Art of the Dead
Art of Demon Summoning
Arts of Divination Divination by various means.
Art of Elemental Summoning
Art of Enchantment
Art of Geomancy
Art of Husbandry
Art of Spirit Beckoning
Art of Warding and Exorcism
Art of Weather Working


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