Art of Astrology

Every god in Creation has a star in the heavens, and their endless dance across the sky writes the destiny of the world large for all to see — or at least those who know what these signs mean. The heavenly Bureau of Destiny and its Sidereal Exalted agents can manipulate these signs to powerful effect. Mortal thaumaturges know nothing of this, but they understand that the stars have much to reveal to the wise.

Astrology, which is one of the Arts of Divination, requires an astrolabe, theodolite and other instruments to measure the positions and brightness of celestial objects, as well as lorebooks that record centuries of past observations and their inferred effects within Creation (these lorebooks are referred to as star charts and cost at least two resources). Astrological rituals usually require little in the way of disposable components, but reusable components cost at least Resources 3. A master’s observatory costs Resources 5.

Malfean Astrology

The stars in Heaven guide the fates of the children of Creation, but their power ends at the edge of Cecelyne, for there is no destiny in the Demon City. Instead, each of Hell’s dying stars is the living ember of an infernal scholar, and a thaumaturge versed in Malfean astrology can divine their wisdom. Malfean astrology is a part of the thaumaturgical Art of Astrology, although its rituals do not function outside the demon prison and are noted so in the table below.

Underworld Astrology

While the Calendar of Setesh replaces the Loom of Fate in the Underworld, its motions do not predict the future, instead they guide the present. As a result of this, astrology does not work in the Underworld at all.

Astrological Procedures

Apprentice Level Procedure Attribute Difficulty Casting Time
Compile Chart Wits 2 one hour
        This ritual allows the astrologer to create an astrological profile for a target (usually a person or animal, but it could be a thing or place as well). They must have access to star charts and have detailed information about the target. This profile is necessary to complete most greater astrological rituals.
Varangian Casting Intelligence 3 one hour
        This ritual is used by Varangian astrologers to determine the castes of their citizens. It allows the thaumaturge to know an important Ability for the target it is performed for (for a child this will be a single important future Ability and for an adult it reveals one Favored Ability or an Ability rated three or higher). This ritual requires the use of an astrological profile created by the use of the Compile Chart ritual.
Initiate Level Procedure Attribute Difficulty Casting Time
Celestial Tutelage Wits (XP cost for the trait) one day
        By observing the dance of the dying stars of Malfeas, the astrologer can gain knowledge of a subject from the stars as a training effect. This allows him to buy up the Ability as if he had an instructor by consulting the stars seen in the Yozi prison.
Finding the Heart’s Blood Perception 3 one night
        By imbibing certain rare herbs and spending an entire night studying and charting the stars, a Lunar is able to provoke certain vague insights into the nature and personality of her Solar mate. Successfully completing this ritual allows the Lunar to ignore the requirement of having detailed knowledge about her mate when later attempting to make him the subject of a Compile Chart ritual. The Silver Pact maintains that this rite was granted to them directly by Luna in her Waxing Moon aspect (the White Navigator is often singled out specifically).
        It is possible that a Solar could learn to use this ritual also, but it is retained as a secret by the Silver Pact and so would require instruction from a Lunar initiated in its secrets to learn this.
Lesser Divination Intelligence 4 three hours
        By observing the night sky using an astrolabe, observatory or other stargazing tools, star charts and a target’s astrological profile, the astrologer can make a prediction about the target’s future, splitting successes between duration and accuracy. Duration: 1 (one month), 2+ (one season). Accuracy: extremely vague predictions (1) or vague (2+). Botches result in false predictions as does any attempt to targeting a Primordial or a native of the Wyld, Malfeas or the Underworld. The prediction created by the Storyteller assumes no interference from Heaven or beings that trigger automatic botches, such interference spoils predictions.
Predetermined Attributes Intelligence 4 one hour
        This ritual enables the astrologer to determine whether Physical, Social or Mental Attributes will be primary for a child, barring future interferences. This ritual requires an astrological profile generated by the Compile Chart ritual.
Reactive Planning Wits 5 one hour
        After a successful casting of an astrological divination of any sort, the astrologer can use this ritual to compile a list of factors and omens that can increase their target’s chances of future success. One time in the near future, the player of the astrologer’s client can reduce the difficulty of a single roll by 1. This bonus remains available until the Storyteller deems that circumstances have changed too much to gain its effect; the bonus definitely ends with the current story.
Reverse Birth Engineering Intelligence 4 one day
        By gaining sufficient information (at the Storyteller’s discretion) about the deeds of an individual, including their exact dates of occurrence, an astrologer can use this ritual to deduce that person’s exact date of birth. This explicitly helps gather the information necessary to perform the Compile Chart ritual on that target. Depending upon the fame of the individual in question, such information might require investigation or might merely be a matter of historical record.
Adept Level Procedure Attribute Difficulty Casting Time
Brighter Star Perception 5 one hour
        Astrologers notice that the stars seem to favor certain people. This ritual shows a person as “favored” if they are an Exalt or possesses the Destiny Background, though the astrologer has no indication which of these it might be. This ritual requires an astrological profile generated by the Compile Chart ritual.
Divination Intelligence 4 three hours
        As Lesser Divination, but more successes may be applied to duration or accuracy. Duration: 3 (half a year) or 4+ (one year). Accuracy: 3 (woefully incomplete but enlightening) or 4+ (somewhat accurate).
Natural Virtues Intelligence 4 one hour
        With careful study of the target’s astrological profile, the astrologer can determine his primary Virtue due to its endless influence upon his life.
Question the Dying Stars Perception 4 one hour
        The astrologer petitions the dying stars of Malfeas for an answer to a single question regarding past events or the present locations of creatures or objects. Questions involving other realms of existence suffer a -5 external penalty. The number of successes rolled determines the accuracy of the answer obtained: 1+ (vague), 4+ (incomplete but enlightening), 7+ (somewhat accurate) or 10+ (accurate with details). On a botch, an incorrect answer is obtained. As with any other sort of astrology, questions regarding the Primordials, whether Yozis or Neverborn, botch automatically, as do questions regarding subjects the Storyteller deems wholly beyond the ken of any infernal scholar.
Master Level Procedure Attribute Difficulty Casting Time
Astral Palimpset Charisma 4 one hour
        By dancing beneath the dying stars, the thaumaturge adds to their dance, inserting a message of his choosing into their movements. He addresses the message to one or more persons, each of whom receives that message the next time they perform a divination using infernal astrology. The astrologer’s Performance limits the amount of their Occult he can apply to the die pool for performing this action.
Excellent Orrery Design Intelligence 5 one year
        After ritualistically observing the sky over the course of a year, the astrologer plans the design for an incredibly accurate orrery – a device that mimics the motion of the sun, moon, stars and planets. If he then builds it, using the normal item creation rules, he may use it to gain bonus dice on rolls to perform other astrological rituals. A Resources 4 orrery grants +1 die, while a Resources 5 orrery grants +2 dice on Art of Astrology rolls that involve its use. First Age orrery artifacts, such as that hidden in the fallen city of Rathess, can have greater effects.
The Fallen Star Perception 5 one minute
        This rite depends upon one of Yu-Shan’s great secrets: starmetal is made from soul-forged gods cast to the earth. When successfully performed, this ritual allows the caster to sense whether anything that he can see clearly with unaided eyes is partly or wholly composed of starmetal.
Greater Divination Intelligence 4 three hours
        As Divination, but more successes may be applied to accuracy. Accuracy: 5 (mostly accurate with details) or 6+ (accurate with details).

Art of Astrology

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