Art of Oneiromancy

Oneiromancy is one of the Arts of Divination but unlike the other forms of divination this is more of a natural talent enhanced by learning than a purely learned discipline. The Alternate Divination (Oneiromancy) merit represents the character’s ability to have prophetic dreams in the first place which the following rituals then are used to interpret.

The character rarely has any choice over what he chooses to dream about, but by spending one Willpower before retiring for the night, he can ensure that he has a precognitive dream. If a prophetic dream comes to him unbidden he will awaken from it with certainty of the precognitive nature of the dream as if he spent a point of Willpower on it (in this way the Storyteller can use characters with this merit to drive the story forward if necessary).

Because the thaumaturge must record the dream immediately upon waking so they have something to reference while interpreting it, this art requires Lore 1 in order to purchase it in addition to the Occult requirements.

Apprentice Level Procedure Attribute Difficulty Casting Time
Interpret Dream Intelligence 5* one hour
        The thaumaturge attempts to interpret his dream imagery in order to gain insights to allow for divination. Because the hazy, abstract nature of precognitive dreaming makes such interpretation difficult the normal difficulty for dream interpretation is five (5). If the character also has the three point Lucid Dreamer merit, however, this difficulty is reduced to three (3). Unless he has the Lucid Dreamer merit, the thaumaturge cannot choose the subject of his dreams, and thus cannot guide his divinations.
Initiate Level Procedure Attribute Difficulty Casting Time
Lesser Divination Intelligence 4 three hours
        By continuing to study the notes about his dream and his initial impressions of them, the thaumaturge can gain insights that allow him to make predictions based on the dream, splitting successes between duration and accuracy. Duration: 1 (one month), 2+ (one season). Accuracy: extremely vague predictions (1) or vague (2+). Botches result in false predictions as does any attempt to targeting a Primordial or a native of the Wyld, Malfeas or the Underworld. The prediction created by the Storyteller assumes no interference from Heaven or beings that trigger automatic botches, such interference spoils predictions.
Adept Level Procedure Attribute Difficulty Casting Time
Divination Intelligence 4 thirty minutes
        As Lesser Divination, but more successes may be applied to duration or accuracy. Duration: 3 (half a year) or 4+ (one year). Accuracy: 3 (woefully incomplete but enlightening) or 4+ (somewhat accurate).
Master Level Procedure Attribute Difficulty Casting Time
Greater Divination Intelligence 4 thirty minutes
        As Divination, but more successes may be applied to accuracy. Accuracy: 5 (mostly accurate with details) or 6+ (accurate with details).

Art of Oneiromancy

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