Arts of Divination

Destiny is a real thing in Creation and those skilled at it can discern the possibilities of the future by various means. While astrology is, by far, the most common form of this in Creation (since its destiny is, quite literally, written in the stars) other forms of divination do exist.

Each version of divination has its own procedures which must be learned separately like any other form of thaumaturgy, although they are all based around four central procedures: a procedure to gather insights for further divination rituals and the actual divination procedures – Lesser Divination, Divination and Greater Divination. Each art has its own requirements and handle the need for props in different fashions, to be described below.

While expertly read divinations can predict the future of mere mortals, characters with awakened Essences – particularly the Exalted – control their destiny to various degrees and, whatever the stars may currently show, powerful Essence-wielding beings such as the Incarnae, beings outside of fate and the Bureau of Destiny can change events to render such predictions obsolete. Additionally, free will is ineluctably woven into the tapestry of Creation by the Loom of Fate.

Most forms of divination have so few procedures that their practitioners simply learn the procedures instead of full degrees. The major exception to this is Astrology which has the greatest number of procedures in these loosely related arts.

There are some minor mechanical differences between Astrology and the other Arts of Divination in addition to the fact that it is ICly more common. Astrology is slower, but it can be done without the constant presence of the target. To balance this, the other forms of divination require a one-point merit called Alternative Divination.

The Arts of Divination
Art of Astrology Reading the Loom of Fate by studying the motion of the stars
Art of Crystallomancy Discerning the future by meditating on a crystal or a scrying orb
Art of Haruspicy Reading the future by sacrificing an animal and reading its entrails
Art of Oneiromancy Divination though the interpretation of dreams
Art of Palmistry Prognostication though the interpretation of the lines on a person’s hand
Art of Sortilege Divination through the casting of lots or bones

Arts of Divination

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