Butterfly Knife

A butterfly knife, also known as a fan knife, is a folding pocket knife with two handles counter-rotating around the tang so that, when closed, it conceals the blade within grooves in the two parts of the handle. These knives are useful for situations where it is inconvenient to use both hands to open a knife.

Skilled users can bring the knife to bear quickly with one hand with a flip of the wrist, often called “fanning”, which can also be used to amuse or entertain; this requires a (Dexterity + [Melee or Performance]) roll to do – a success on this roll makes the action reflexive, it is a miscellaneous roll (with a -2 DV penalty) on a failure and on a botch the user has cut themselves taking damage as if attacked by the weapon.

Additionally, when folded, a butterfly knife is easily hidden in pockets or the folds of a jacket. While anyone familiar with it will likely recognize it if they see it, even folded, it is easier to hide it from view than other knives.

The butterfly knife was created in the West, each nation has legends tying them to a fisherman or warrior from one of their constituent islands, as a self defense weapon and pocket utility knife. Where they originated it not clear, but it is a fact that the knives cost less in the West (the cost below is across most of Creation, the cost to purchase one is negligible in the West – or Resources 0).

Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimums Cost Tags
Butterfly Knife, unfolded 5 +0 +2L +0 3 Str 1, Dex 2 1* *
        when folded 5 +0 +2B +2 3 *

Butterfly Knife

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