Hearthstone Bracers

Level 2 Artifact

Attunement Cost: 4

This set of bracers has a single hearthstone setting and provide a three-die bonus to the attuned wearer’s Dodge pool; the bracers require a four mote commitment to attune them. They provides additional benefits dependent on the material as well.

Magical Material Bonuses

Material Bonus
Orichalcum +2 to Damage for all attacks
Moonsilver +2 to Lethal Soak
Jade -1 to speed for all attacks (capped at 3, if this would reduce the Speed to 2 Rate is increased by 1 instead)
Starmetal +1 to Accuracy and Defense for all attacks
Soulsteel -2 to target’s Lethal and Bashing Soaks

Hearthstone Bracers

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